Our Story

Our heart is for the future of our people – Indigenous Australians. We started Heart Futures because we have a clear vision of what we want to create in this world. We imagine a world where the vast majority of First Nation people have discovered their purpose and live powerful, healthy and fulfilled lives. We see intergenerational change – with sustained impact. A land where Indigenous children grow up believing they belong, they matter and they are loved. As a consequence, we thrive in every endeavour. We are culturally strong, creatively significant and commercially savvy. In order for this to happen, our people need to be healthy with access to nutritious food and educational opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. When this day arrives, the vast disparity in every key social indicator will be reduced. It will be a distant memory. There will be justice and equality for both black and white. For all Australians. Heart Futures will not need to exist. And that is ok, that is the goal. But what there will be – is dancing and singing in the streets, on the red dusty plains, on fresh water and salt water country and up in the rainforests and mountains. That will be a beautiful day. A day worth striving for. Wanna join us?